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    Todd Parker is a well respected exterior design expert, and water artist. He has assisted many customers with planning, designing and implementation of their ideas. His creative abilities in many areas helps give Todd the vision needed for creating and his need for perfection delivers the finished product to many happy customers.

    Todd has always had an affinity for elements of design and aesthetics. Todd holds a degree in music education from Morehead State University, and taught percussion studies for many years. His passion for design, and ability to work with his hands, has led Todd to be able to create beautifully remodeled homes and landscapes around Louisville and surrounding counties.

    A love of the outdoors provides Todd the inspiration to take his eye for detail, and creative abilities to the living space of the yard. He finds ideas inspired by the many hikes through different areas of the country, and his work reflects the natural surroundings of our environment.

    Todd's passion to create a personalized atmosphere for each client is reflected in the respect he is given by his customer's, and professionals he works with.

    Todd Parker

    "I take great pride in understanding how the water's gonna move...When I go on a hike, I'm always taking mental notes. I'm always looking at the water and learning how it moves and works and learning how to make it look more natural".

    Todd was featured in The Courier Journal, Spotlight on People at Work 2009.


    My whole philosophy is that your home is your castle and no matter what happens during the day, when you go home, you should be able to relax and enjoy it......I've had the opportunity to help some other people experience that. And it didn't really seem like work, even through its really tough physical labor.

    I have a knack for helping people discover what they want and then making it come true for them. When I start to work with people on projects, I sit where they like to sit and see what they see and what they wanna see.